A Legend of Over 150 Years

Pairing holiday homes with the best wines in Germany, since 1857...

FEWO Finder has been helping holiday seekers, travellers, tourists and wine lovers find the perfect accommodations in Germany. We promise that each location that we recommend will have easy access to the best wines that the region has to offer. We also provide hand-delivered wines if you prefer something from our pristine and award-winning vineyards instead.

Our founder started FEWO Founder to marry his two loves together - great wine and exciting travels. He did not believe that you should sacrifice one for the other so he started FEWO Finder. FEWO Finder is an online service that allows wine lovers to rent temporary holiday home across Germany and the region that have access to the best wine brands in the region, such as Vinora.

How It Works

We work with various wine clubs around the world to ensure that they stock only the best wines. Then we approach homeowners in the area to list their homes for rent in our online platform. 

For Homeowners

Are you looking to rent out your home to sophisticated wine lovers? Contact us and get your home listed in FEWO Finder!

How to Start

Our mobile app is still currently in development, but we already have a list of great locations you can choose from. Contact us today to find your perfect holiday home.

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